Northern Plains Regionals - 05/18/2018

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Cadet Men - 88
1st Place Match - Mason Gehloff (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Christopher Martino (Idaho) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Jore Volk (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Preston Spray (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Jesse Welter (Minnesota) won by fall over Jaymz Young (Illinois) (Fall 1:26)

Cadet Men - 94
1st Place Match - Carter Fousek (Iowa) won by tech fall over Daniel Sheen (Illinois) (TF 13-3)
3rd Place Match - Benjamin Aranda (Illinois) won by decision over Reid Nelson (Minnesota) (Dec 10-8)
5th Place Match - Jace Rhodes (Iowa) won by tech fall over Sam Smith (Wisconsin) (TF 11-0)

Cadet Men - 100
1st Place Match - Cale Anderson (Wisconsin) won by decision over Blaine Brenner (Wisconsin) (Dec 16-11)
3rd Place Match - Blake West (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Caleb Meunier (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Richard Fedalen (Maryland) won by tech fall over Jager Eisch (Wisconsin) (TF 11-0)

Cadet Men - 106
1st Place Match - Drake Ayala (Iowa) won by tech fall over Tommy Curran (Illinois) (TF 17-6)
3rd Place Match - Stevie Ray Barnes (Iowa) won by tech fall over Gavin Drexler (Wisconsin) (TF 14-4)
5th Place Match - Chase Murphy (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Caden Arps (Nebraska) (TF 10-0)

Cadet Men - 113
1st Place Match - Chase DeBlaere (Minnesota) won by fall over Danny Curran (Illinois) (Fall 4:44)
3rd Place Match - Dyson Kunz (Nebraska) won by tech fall over Hagen Heistand (Iowa) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Kanin Hable (Minnesota) won by fall over Jake Penzato (Illinois) (Fall 5:10)

Cadet Men - 120
1st Place Match - Caleb Rathjen (Iowa) won by decision over Jakason Burks (Nebraska) (Dec 13-9)
3rd Place Match - Conor Knopick (Nebraska) won by tech fall over Matthew Bianchi (Wisconsin) (TF 27-16)
5th Place Match - Hayden Taylor (Iowa) won by decision over Ryan Scherber (Minnesota) (Dec 13-6)

Cadet Men - 126
1st Place Match - Jacob Rundell (Illinois) won by fall over Braden Sehr (South Dakota) (Fall 1:10)
3rd Place Match - Ryan Dolezal (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Zack Wells (Minnesota) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Kyle Boeke (Minnesota) won by fall over Mason Campshure (Wisconsin) (Fall 1:29)

Cadet Men - 132
1st Place Match - Hunter Lyden (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Connor Simmonds (Minnesota) (TF 18-8)
3rd Place Match - Jack Thomsen (Iowa) won by forfeit over Reid Ballantyne (Minnesota) (FF)
5th Place Match - Jack Gaukel (Iowa) won by tech fall over Bryce Hatten (Iowa) (TF 14-4)

Cadet Men - 138
1st Place Match - Luke Mechler (Wisconsin) won by decision over Nick Hamilton (Nebraska) (Dec 8-2)
3rd Place Match - Lucus Anglin (South Dakota) won by tech fall over Roman Rogotzke (Minnesota) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Issac Ortegon (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Chad Bohrer (Iowa) (TF 10-0)

Cadet Men - 145
1st Place Match - Brant Whitaker (Missouri) won by fall over Gavin Osterhaus (Minnesota) (Fall 0:50)
3rd Place Match - Clayton Whiting (Wisconsin) won by decision over Caden Ernd (Illinois) (Dec 13-8)
5th Place Match - Camden Baarda (Iowa) won by decision over Jacob Sollberger (Illinois) (Dec 17-10)

Cadet Men - 152
1st Place Match - Kaden Reetz (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Adam Ahrendsen (Iowa) (TF 14-4)
3rd Place Match - Connor Dehn (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Cole Price (Nebraska) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Peter Hansen (Wisconsin) won by decision over Brendan Dunagan (Minnesota) (Dec 6-2)

Cadet Men - 160
1st Place Match - Sage Walker (Iowa) won by tech fall over Jack Darrah (Missouri) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Brady Spaeth (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Gabe Nagel (Minnesota) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Andrew Wenzel (Illinois) won by injury default over Joseph Jens (Illinois) (Inj. 0:00)

Cadet Men - 170
1st Place Match - Wyatt Lidberg (Minnesota) won by decision over Sam Skillings (Wisconsin) (Dec 12-9)
3rd Place Match - Carl Leuer (Minnesota) won by decision over Asa Terrell (Illinois) (Dec 12-9)
5th Place Match - Shaeden Scheidt (South Dakota) won by forfeit over Spencer Mooberry (Iowa) (FF)

Cadet Men - 182
1st Place Match - Rocky Elam (Missouri) won by decision over Tyler Hannah (Wisconsin) (Dec 10-2)
3rd Place Match - Joey Johnson (Minnesota) won by forfeit over Dj Smith (Minnesota) (FF)
5th Place Match - Brady Eick (Wisconsin) won by decision over Logan Shramek (Wisconsin) (Dec 12-8)

Cadet Men - 195
1st Place Match - Kasten Grape (Nebraska) won by fall over Micah Downs (Illinois) (Fall 0:33)
3rd Place Match - Connor Searcy (Kansas) won by tech fall over Bret Kostka (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Aaron Ragels (Wisconsin) won by fall over Rex Johnsen (Iowa) (Fall 1:13)

Cadet Men - 220
1st Place Match - Daniel Striggow (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Brenick Hoppe (Iowa) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Tommy Johnson (Minnesota) won by fall over Jagger Schack (Minnesota) (Fall 5:55)
5th Place Match - Marshall Baldwin (South Dakota) won by decision over Kalob Runyon (Iowa) (Dec 10-8)

Cadet Men - 285
1st Place - Gavin Layton of Minnesota
2nd Place - Jerrod Osterkamp of Wisconsin
3rd Place - Tyler Lawrenson of Iowa