Northern Plains Regionals - 05/18/2018

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Schoolboy - 71
1st Place Match - Logan Swensen (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Brayten Casey (Wisconsin) (TF 12-2)
3rd Place Match - Angelo Di Pol (South Dakota) won by tech fall over Mason Mills (Minnesota) (TF 12-2)
5th Place Match - Cadyn `Squirrel` Coyle (Nebraska) won by tech fall over Joseph Lindquist (Minnesota) (TF 15-4)

Schoolboy - 77
1st Place - Dominic Schiavone of Illinois
2nd Place - Koufax Christensen of Iowa
3rd Place - Anthony Ruzic of Illinois
4th Place - Simon Kruse of Minnesota

Schoolboy - 83
1st Place Match - Tyler Wells (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Kael Lauridsen (Nebraska) (TF 14-4)
3rd Place Match - Kale Petersen (Iowa) won by tech fall over Logan Smith (Nebraska) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Joey Showalter (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Chase Beckett (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)

Schoolboy - 87
1st Place Match - Zachary Silvis (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Ryder Block (Iowa) (TF 12-1)
3rd Place Match - Garret Rinken (Iowa) won by tech fall over Logan Graf (South Dakota) (TF 13-3)
5th Place Match - Kaleb Casey (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Colin Young (Illinois) (TF 12-1)

Schoolboy - 90
1st Place Match - Kannon Webster (Illinois) won by decision over Greyson Clark (Wisconsin) (Dec 6-0)
3rd Place Match - Gable Porter (Iowa) won by decision over Zach Hanson (Minnesota) (Dec 8-6)
5th Place Match - Quintin Wolbert (Wisconsin) won by decision over Cael Robb (Minnesota) (Dec 14-12)

Schoolboy - 97
1st Place Match - Brayden Sonnentag (Wisconsin) won by decision over McKinley Robbins (Iowa) (Dec 7-2)
3rd Place Match - Joseph Fernau (Illinois) won by tech fall over Cooper Willis (Wisconsin) (TF 12-1)
5th Place Match - Keith Smith (Nebraska) won by tech fall over Parker Janssen (Minnesota) (TF 13-2)

Schoolboy - 102
1st Place Match - Layne Brenden (Iowa) won by decision over Chris Ferguson (Iowa) (Dec 10-2)
3rd Place Match - Brendan Howes (Minnesota) won by decision over Zane Licht (Wisconsin) (Dec 14-11)
5th Place Match - Brett Back (Wisconsin) won by forfeit over Tanner Andersen (Wisconsin) (FF)

Schoolboy - 106
1st Place Match - Aiden Riggins (Iowa) won by decision over Ethan Stiles (Illinois) (Dec 10-10)
3rd Place Match - Corbin Ramos (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Bryce McDonough (Iowa) (TF 12-2)
5th Place Match - Alex Mentzer (South Dakota) won by tech fall over Davin Rose (Minnesota) (TF 10-0)

Schoolboy - 110
1st Place Match - Jayden Colon (Illinois) won by tech fall over Nicholas Fox (Iowa) (TF 15-4)
3rd Place Match -Jed Wester (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Hoyt Blaskowski (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Blake Hinrichsen (Illinois) won by tech fall over Nikolas Petsinger (Minnesota) (TF 11-0)

Schoolboy - 114
1st Place Match - David Mayora (Illinois) won by fall over Henry Amborn (Wisconsin) (Fall 3:31)
3rd Place Match - Josh Ferguson (Iowa) won by tech fall over Enoch Madimba (Minnesota) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Dominik Mallinder (Illinois) won by decision over Andrew Ryden (Illinois) (Dec 17-12)

Schoolboy - 119
1st Place - Ethan Riddle of Wisconsin
2nd Place - Cael Erickson of Wisconsin
3rd Place - Joseph Olalde of Illinois
4th Place - Baylor Kaup of Nebraska
5th Place - Jarrett Roos of Iowa

Schoolboy - 125
1st Place Match - Ryder Rogotzke (Minnesota) won by fall over Braeden Scoles (Wisconsin) (Fall 0:38)
3rd Place Match - Antrell Taylor (Nebraska) won by tech fall over Gunnar Hamre (Wisconsin) (TF 13-3)
5th Place Match - Dylan Whitt (Iowa) won by tech fall over Adam Kruse (Nebraska) (TF 14-4)

Schoolboy - 130
1st Place Match - Garrett Willuweit (Wisconsin) won by decision over Jude Link (Minnesota) (Dec 14-11)
3rd Place Match - Tyler Antoniak (Nebraska) won by tech fall over Seth Niday (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Brady Kasprick (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Ruben Saldivar (Minnesota) (TF 12-1)

Schoolboy - 136
1st Place Match - Braden Stauffenberg (Illinois) won by fall over Tate Naaktgeboren (Iowa) (Fall 3:13)
3rd Place Match - Gaetano Console (Illinois) won by fall over Kaden Hooker (Wisconsin) (Fall 1:12)
5th Place Match - Dominic Thebeau (Illinois) won by tech fall over Wendy Washington (Illinois) (TF 10-0)

Schoolboy - 149
1st Place Match - Noah Mulvaney (Wisconsin) won by decision over Gavin Nelson (Minnesota) (Dec 9-5)
3rd Place Match - Bradley Gillum (Illinois) won by tech fall over Jack Schweitzer (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Justin Davis (Nebraska) won by tech fall over Alex Morris (Nebraska) (TF 15-4)

Schoolboy - 165
1st Place Match - Antony Tuttle (Minnesota) won by fall over Cade Bickerdyke (South Dakota) (Fall 0:38)
3rd Place Match - Shammond Nichols (Illinois) won by tech fall over Fred Morris (Illinois) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Dylan Meade (South Dakota) won by fall over George Bird (Nebraska) (Fall 1:04)

Schoolboy - 187
1st Place Match - Nathan Wemstrom (Illinois) won by fall over Gabe Edwards (Nebraska) (Fall 1:39)
3rd Place Match - Navarro Schunke (South Dakota) won by tech fall over Mekhi McDowell (Illinois) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Kiara Ganey (Illinois) won by decision over Malakai Robinson (North Dakota) (Dec 3-2)

Schoolboy - 250
1st Place - Jaren Rohde of Wisconsin
2nd Place - Ryan Boersma of Illinois
3rd Place - Griffin Empey of Wisconsin
4th Place - Isaiah Gonzalez of Illinois
5th Place - Douglas Sabin of Minnesota