Western Regional Championships - 04/25/2018

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Novice 58 lbs. –
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Henry Aslikyan of California
2nd Place - Mason Brayfield of Missouri
Round 1
Mason Brayfield (Missouri) won by decision over Henry Aslikyan (California) (Dec 8-8)
Round 2
Henry Aslikyan (California) won by tech fall over Mason Brayfield (Missouri) (TF 12-2)
Round 3
Henry Aslikyan (California) won by decision over Mason Brayfield (Missouri) (Dec 12-3)

Novice 63 lbs. –
1st Place - Nathan Braun of Arizona
2nd Place - Josiah Maestas of Nevada
3rd Place - Ronnie Ramirez of California
4th Place - Jordan McKamey of Washington
1st Place Match
Nathan Braun (Arizona) won by tech fall over Josiah Maestas (Nevada) (TF 12-2)
3rd Place Match
Ronnie Ramirez (California) won by tech fall over Jordan McKamey (Washington) (TF 12-2)

Novice 67 lbs. –
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Michael Romero of California
2nd Place - Gabriel Ramirez of Arizona
3rd Place - Austin Paris of Utah
4th Place - Korbin Chuchran of Utah
1st Place Match
Michael Romero (California) won by tech fall over Gabriel Ramirez (Arizona) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match
Austin Paris (Utah) won by tech fall over Korbin Chuchran (Utah) (TF 10-0)

Novice 70 lbs. –
1st Place - Christopher Creason of California
2nd Place - Gavin Regis of Utah
3rd Place - Isaac Hampton of Oregon
4th Place - Ryder Fortenberry of Arizona
1st Place Match
Christopher Creason (California) won by tech fall over Gavin Regis (Utah) (TF 19-8)
3rd Place Match
Isaac Hampton (Oregon) won by tech fall over Ryder Fortenberry (Arizona) (TF 10-0)

Novice 74 lbs. –
1st Place - Hudson Loges of Nebraska
2nd Place - Isaiah Cortez of California
3rd Place - Hoyt Hvass of Washington
4th Place - Sergio Pena of Arizona
1st Place Match
Hudson Loges (Nebraska) won by decision over Isaiah Cortez (California) (Dec 2-2)
3rd Place Match
Hoyt Hvass (Washington) won by decision over Sergio Pena (Arizona) (Dec 11-10)

Novice 78 lbs. –
1st Place - Elijah Cortez of California
2nd Place - Maverick McEwen of Montana
3rd Place - Adyn Bostick of Arizona
4th Place - Jerred Smith of Wyoming
1st Place Match
Elijah Cortez (California) won by tech fall over Maverick McEwen (Montana) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match
Adyn Bostick (Arizona) won by tech fall over Jerred Smith (Wyoming) (TF 10-0)

Novice 82 lbs. –
1st Place - Brock Mantanona of California
2nd Place - Garrett Reece of Colorado
3rd Place - Gabriel Delgado of Nevada
4th Place - Gunner Cortez of Nevada
1st Place Match
Brock Mantanona (California) won by fall over Garrett Reece (Colorado) (Fall 0:40)
3rd Place Match
Gabriel Delgado (Nevada) won by decision over Gunner Cortez (Nevada) (Dec 13-7)

Novice 86 lbs. –
1st Place - Benjamin Smith of Maryland
2nd Place - Jermiah Bertalotto of California
3rd Place - Brennen Benedict of Nevada
4th Place - Jackson Angelo of Pennsylvania
1st Place Match
Benjamin Smith (Maryland) won by tech fall over Jermiah Bertalotto (California) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match
Brennen Benedict (Nevada) won by decision over Jackson Angelo (Pennsylvania) (Dec 11-8)

Novice 92 lbs. –
1st Place - Angelo Posada of California
2nd Place - Dominick Luna of California
3rd Place - Anthony Gutierrez of Illinois
4th Place - Ridge Kehr of Oregon
1st Place Match
Angelo Posada (California) won by tech fall over Dominick Luna (California) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match
Anthony Gutierrez (Illinois) won by tech fall over Ridge Kehr (Oregon) (TF 11-0)

Novice 98 lbs. –
1st Place - Hudson Rogers of Idaho
2nd Place - Jon Schoenlein of Washington
3rd Place - Trayvn Boger of Utah
4th Place - Christian Diaz of California
1st Place Match
Hudson Rogers (Idaho) won by tech fall over Jon Schoenlein (Washington) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match
Trayvn Boger (Utah) won by decision over Christian Diaz (California) (Dec 22-14)

Novice 108 lbs. –
1st Place - Aeoden Sinclair of Wisconsin
2nd Place - Gor Vardanyan of California
3rd Place - Morgan Hatch of Wyoming
4th Place - Eli Watson of California
1st Place Match
Aeoden Sinclair (Wisconsin) won by fall over Gor Vardanyan (California) (Fall 3:47)
3rd Place Match
Morgan Hatch (Wyoming) won by decision over Eli Watson (California) (Dec 9-6)

Novice 117 lbs. –
1st Place - Nicholas Pina of Arizona
2nd Place - Brodie Johnson of California
3rd Place - Nicholas Sahakian of California
4th Place - Chase Baker of Washington
1st Place Match
Nicholas Pina (Arizona) won by decision over Brodie Johnson (California) (Dec 12-6)
3rd Place Match
Nicholas Sahakian (California) won by tech fall over Chase Baker (Washington) (TF 17-6)

Novice 135 lbs. –
1st Place - Carson Gooley of California
2nd Place - Brian Petrancosta of Illinois
3rd Place - Gavin Blondeaux of Nevada
4th Place - Jason Prudek of California
1st Place Match
Carson Gooley (California) won by fall over Brian Petrancosta (Illinois) (Fall 0:26)
3rd Place Match
Gavin Blondeaux (Nevada) won by tech fall over Jason Prudek (California) (TF 13-2)

Novice 160 lbs. –
1st Place - Carson Nash of Iowa
1st Place Match
Carson Nash (Iowa) received a bye () (Bye)