moving to USOC website platform with new look and functionality

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Gary Abbott (USA Wrestling)
10/31/2013, the official website of USA Wrestling, has been moved to the United States Olympic Committee’s website platform.

Users of will notice a change in the appearance for the website design, as well as some different functionality within the website.

The change will allow the ability to display photos and graphics in a more appealing way. 

This also includes a change in the lead story rotation section on the top of, which now displays five major stories along with thumbnail photos for each story.

There will also be a new way that videos are displayed on the front page of will continue to provide its regular features, including the Athlete of the Week, the Question of the Week, Breaking News, Forums, Newsstand and more. Users will continue to have access to a wide variety of information about USA Wrestling.

All users will now also have access to the USOC’s complete family of websites, including and the websites for the other national governing bodies.

The website change is part of an expanding partnership between USA Wrestling and the U.S. Olympic Committee with content management and development.

USA Wrestling’s staff is still learning to use the new platform, and we can expect to see more change and improvements in the website over time.