State coaches from across nation attend USA Wrestling Fall Coaches Clinic at Olympic Training Center

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Gary Abbott (USA Wrestling)

Coach Mike Hagerty of Missouri displays a wrestling technique with USA Wrestling National Freestyle Developmental Coach Bill Zadick during the 2013 USA Wrestling Fall Coaches Clinic

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – There were 46 coaches from all across the nation, representing their state associations, who attended the 2013 USA Wrestling Fall Coaches Clinic at the U.S. Olympic Training Center from October 18-20.

Coaches received top instruction from a variety of respected coaches, including some of USA Wrestling’s National Coaches, on a variety of topics, while having the opportunity to experience a weekend of wrestling and other sports training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

“For many of these guys, this is the first time they’ve stepped on the OTC campus, experienced the rings atmosphere, eaten the food, seen our athletes train and worked with our national coaching staff. We also have some great grassroots coaches come in to teach. It really envigorates them. We are getting ready to start the folkstyle season. These coaches are going to go back, work with the kids in their clubs for the club coaches, and well as the state coaches who are doing such a great job within our organization,” said National Teams Manager of High Performance Cody Bickley.

Among the instructors were National Greco-Roman Coach Steve Fraser, National Women’s Coach Terry Steiner, National Freestyle Developmental Coach Bill Zadick and Assistant National Greco-Roman Coach Momir Petkovic.

Other respected coaches providing sessions were Mike Hagerty of Missouri, Rusty Davidson of New Mexico and Bill Mitchell of California. Rob Schwartz, the Strength and Conditioning Coach at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, was also among the presenters.

On the final day, a group had the opportunity to run up the famous Incline on Cheyenne Mountain. It was a full weekend of activities and learning.

“I am here to improve my coaching skills. This is available to coaches who want to improve and learn from the national level. I am really appreciative of this. It is an incredible experience,” said Mike Duran, California’s Women’s Director.

“I am really into freestyle and Greco-Roman in the offseason. Any chance that I can get to learn what the best guys in the country and the world are doing, I want to bring that back to my state. The things that we’ve learned, from the basic positions on, I can bring back to Virginia and implement in what we teach in the spring and summer. We can use this for folkstyle, too, which makes it even better,” said Coach Rob Prebish from Virginia.


Nathaniel Augustin (NM)
Bill Barron (CO)
Michael Brown (GA)
Joe Cannon (NV)
Andrew Cook (WA)
Braumon Creighton (CA)
Dan Daniels (FL)
Rusty Davidson (NM)
James Downing (NV)
Michael Duran (CA)
Marc Fridley (IN)
Charles Fuller (CO)
Robert Gano (PA)
Johnny Grimaldo (CO)
Michael Guingona (CA)
Mike Hagerty (MO)
Tom Hansen (ND)
Ed Holmes (CO)
Nick Hutchins (ME)
James Hurst (NE)
John Knapp (CT)
Paul Kraemer (CO)
Sam Martinez (CO)
Zach Mason (WY)
John Matthews (AZ)
Wade McClurg (IN)
Chris McCoy (KY)
Ricardo Mediano (IL)
Bill Mitchell (CA)
Jason Moore (MO)
Villareal Nika West (AR)
Trevor Newton (CO)
Zachry Poague (KS)
Evan Pogue (OR)
Thomas Pompei (IN)
Rob Prebish (VA)
Jacob Rollans (NV)
Rory Roman (CO)
Tyson Skinner (IN)
Danny Struck (IN)
Shawn Springstein (CO)
Blake Tope (CO)
Keith Wollert (CO)
Derek Webb (CO)
Jeff Welsh (ND)
Everett Wines (WV)