Molinaro, Simaz, Dennis & Marable win Tour ACW Test Event titles in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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Gary Abbott (USA Wrestling)

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – A pair of past NCAA champions were among the four individual champions at the inaugural Tour ACW Test Event, held at the Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport Grand Ballroom.

Winners of each weight class received a $2,500 prize. The rules were a hybrid style containing folkstyle and freestyle elements, where the winner is the first to score 10 points, or win by pin or disqualification.

Past NCAA champion Frank Molinaro of Penn State won the 155 pound title, and past Cornell NCAA champion Cam Simaz won the 205 pound title.

Frank Molinaro (Piscataway, N.J./Flips Wrestling) defeated former American Univ. All-American Kyle Borschoff (Washington, D.C./DC Athletic Club), 10-1 in 8:18. Molinaro scored four two-point takedowns, and also received two points on a failed Borschoff video challenge for the margin of victory. Borschoff was held to a single one-point pushout. Molinaro is currently an assistant wrestling coach at Rutgers.

Simaz (Ithaca, N.Y./Titan Mercury WC) stopped past NJCAA national champion and NAIA All-American Deron Winn (Ames, Iowa/Cyclone WC), 10-5 in 5:23. Simaz scored the first takedown, then turned Winn twice for three backpoints to jump to an 8-0 lead. Winn came back with a pair of takedowns, but two escapes by Simaz gave him the points needed to reach the 10 point victory mark.

In the opening final at 135 pounds, past Iowa NCAA All-American Daniel Dennis (Windsor, Calif./ Castagno Outfitters) defeated past Virginia Tech NCAA All-American Jarrod Garnett (Lewisburg, Pa./Bison Legend), 10-2 in 2:06.

Dennis hit three three-point throws on the way to being the first to reach 10 points, while Garnett’s only points came on a reversal. Garnett is currently an assistant wrestling coach at Bucknell.

The other inaugural Tour ACW winner was past Nick Marable (Columbia, Mo./Missouri Wrestling Foundation) who stopped past Iowa NCAA champion Jay Borschel (Evanston, Ill./Wildcat WC), in a marathon match, which ended 12-7 in 16:42.

Marable jumped to a 5-0 lead on a pushout and two takedowns, but Borschel came back with a pair of his own takedowns to tie it up at 5-5. With each getting pushouts, the match was 6-6 until about the 15 minute mark, when Marable hit a three-point throw for a 9-6 lead. Borschel got another pushout to get a point closer, but Marable ended it by locking up a cradle and rolling it through for three points for the 12-7 win at the 16:42 mark.

Marable is currently also a top freestyle wrestler on the international scene, and continues to coach and train at Missouri. Borschel is an assistant coach for Northwestern.

The event was sanctioned by USA Wrestling and had numerous sponsors which helped make the inaugural event a reality.

American head coach Teague Moore, who along with Kyle N. Smith are the organizers of Tour ACW, was pleased with the Test Event.

“We absolutely loved it. We couldn’t have asked for more from our athletes. People ask what wrestlers do after college wrestling? This is it. The common theme is that they have a passion for wrestling. These guys want to be on the mats competing. We need to give them the opportunity, and give them an incentive to continue,” said Moore after the event on the live webcast provided by Nside Wrestling.

Moore talked about how the concept was born and developed. 

“It has been about five years when we started talking about it. If our country wants to be the best in the world, we have to keep our athletes on the mats. How do we do that? Let’s create something unique and different. Let’s provide them with prize money. These are professionals, and they are career wrestlers. We built the rules which led to this event in Pittsburgh,” said Moore.

Moore indicated that the event will be evaluated and rules may be tweaked based upon what was learned in Pittsburgh today. He did announce on the webcast that plans were to hold the next Tour ACW event in April, and that the organization would expand the prize money to the top four placewinners in each weight class.

For more information, visit the Tour ACW website at:

At Pittsburgh, Pa., October 20

135 pounds
Darrius Little (Hanover Hawkeye) fall Jeff Streau (Coventry WC) 1:36 (4-0)
Alex Radsky (VMI) first2ten Chris Notte (UNC-Pembroke) 11-5, 3:47
Jarrod Garnett (Bison Legend) first2ten Rob Miller (Ithen Global) 11-0
Daniel Dennis (Castagno Outfitters) first2ten Darrius Little (Hanover Hawkeye) 12-7, 12:02
Jarrod Garnett (Bison Legend) first2ten Alex Radsky (VMI) 10-3, 3:34
Daniel Dennis (Castagno Outfitters) first2ten Jarrod Garnett (Bison Legend) 10-2, 2:06.

155 pounds
Kyle Borshoff (DCAC) first2ten Danny Sheehan (Takedown Radio) 11-0, 1:50
Jake Patacsil (Kerkle Family) first2ten Kirk Landon (U.S. Army) 12-0, :47
Frank Molinaro (FlipsWrestling) first2ten John Delgado (TNT Nutrition) forfeit.
Trevor Chinn (Carolina WC) first2ten Jeremy Stierly (Ithaca) forfeit.
Kyle Borshoff (DCAC) first2ten Jake Patacsil (Kerkle Family) 11-8, 6:00
Frank Molinaro (FlipsWrestling) first2ten Trevor Chinn (Carolina WC) 10-0, 6:29
Frank Molinaro (FlipsWrestling) first2ten Kyle Borshoff (DCAC) 10-1, 8:18.

170 pounds
Jay Borschel (Wildcat WC) fall Hadley Harrison (Knight Point Systems) 2:41 (6-0)
Nick Marable (Missouri WF) first2ten Kyle Kiss (Carolina WC) 10-0, 7:41
Jay Borschel (Wildcat WC) first2ten Matt Kocher (Pittsburgh WC) 13-9, 5:13
Nick Marable (Missouri WF) first2ten Bekzod Abdurakhmanov (NYAC) 10-3, 16:00
Nick Marable (Missouri WF) first2ten Jay Borschel (Wildcat WC) 12-7, 16:42.

205 pounds
Deron Winn (Cyclone WC) first2ten Byron Sigmon (UNC-Pembroke) 10-1, 2:57
Evan Brown (People’s Insurance) first2ten Pete Friedl (DCAC) 11-6
Cam Simaz (Titan Mercury WC) first2ten Evan Brown (People’s Insurance) 11-3, 4:18
Deron Winn (Cyclone WC) first2ten Matt Wilps (Pittsburgh WC) 11-3, 3:37
Cam Simaz (Titan Mercury WC) first2ten Deron Winn (Cyclone WC) 10-5, 5:23.

Exhibition Bouts
135- Chris Notte (UNC-Pembroke) fall Alex Radsky (VMI) 2:32 (4-1)
135- Chris Notte (UNC-Pembroke) fall Jeff Streau (Coventry) :44 (2-0)
135- Jeff Streau (Coventry WC) first2ten Rob Miller (Ithen Global) 14-8, 12:32
155- Trevor Chinn (Carolina WC) first2ten Kirk Landon (U.S. Army) 11-0, 5:19
155/170 – Bekzod Abdurakhmanov (NYAC) first2ten Trevor Chinn (Carolina WC) 12-3, 7:32
155/170 – Hadley Harrison (Knight Point) first2ten Kirk Landon (U.S. Army) 10-2, 2:37
155/170- Bekzod Abdurakhmanov (NYAC) first2ten Kirk Landon (U.S. Army) 10-4, 1:41
170- Bekzod Abdurakhmanov (NYAC) first2ten Hadley Harrison (Knight Point Systems) 11-6, 6:27
205- Pete Frield (DCAC) first2ten Byron Sigmon (UNC-Pembroke) 10-7.