New book chronicles wrestling's fight to stay in the Olympic Games

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James V. Moffatt ()

Award-winning writers Jamie Moffatt and Craig Sesker have teamed up to write a sizzling account of wrestling’s current-event story of the year, “Saving Wrestling: The Inside Story of the Sport’s Epic Fight to Stay in the Olympics.”

The new book is filled with numerous behind-the-scenes episodes inside the IOC, FILA, USA Wrestling and the Russian Wrestling Federation during the campaign to save the venerable Olympic sport.

As the wrestling world grappled with the IOC recommendation to eliminate wrestling from the Olympics last February 12, Moffatt and Sesker at once set out to chronicle the journey that the sport would take over the next 208 days to reclaim its rightful place in the Games. 

Citing interviews and correspondence between the world’s most senior wrestling administrators and leaders, the authors expertly weave a tapestry of stories and anecdotes from the start to the finish of the global movement to override the IOC’s virtual death sentence for the sport. 

Readers of the book will discover:

How the original and illogical IOC vote to eliminate Olympic wrestling transpired.

How the people at FILA, USA Wrestling and Russia engineered the plan to remove – and keep out – an ineffectual president from office.

Who the leaders were that inspired a galvanized movement which in just a few months transformed the sport into the ‘new wrestling’.

How the Kremlin, the President of Iran, the United Nations and Buckingham Palace were involved in wrestling’s quest for redemption.

How the controversial addition of two women’s (and the loss of two men’s) Olympic weight classes and the ‘new rules’ became adopted.

How the strategy and delivery of the two FILA formal presentations to the IOC voters helped clinch the ‘victory’ for wrestling.

Why wrestling adopted ‘diplomacy’ and ‘humility’ for its biggest fight in history.

FILA President endorses book

The book has received a number of strong feedback and endorsements, including that of FILA President Nenad Lalovic, who has ordered 100 books.

To order:

Kindle e-book version on Amazon

Apple i-Pad and i-phone version, go to iBooks

Traditional printed book, send a $25 check or money order per book to Jamie Moffatt, 806 Sewell Ave, Cape May, NJ 08204

PayPal, the receiving address is 

“Saving Wrestling: The Inside Story of the Sport’s Epic Fight to Stay in the Olympics” is published by Exit Zero Publishing. All rights reserved.