Bouzek places fifth in Veterans World Greco on Saturday in Bosnia

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Gary Abbott (USA Wrestling)

Warner Bouzek of the USA has Alexander Popov of Russia in immediate danger, on the way to a pin in 0:15 at 69 kg in Div. D at the Veterans Worlds. Robbert Wijtman photo

SARAJEVO, Bosnia – Warner Bouzek of Fountain Inn, S.C. placed fifth at 69 kg in Div. D, the only U.S. wrestler to qualify for a medal match  on the second day of Greco-Roman at the Veterans World Championships on Saturday.

Bouzek came out and quickly pinned past Veterans World bronze medalist Alexander Popov of Russia in just 15 seconds. He lost his next match to Andrey Savin of Russia, but when Savin reached the finals, Bouzek was pulled back into repechage. In his bronze-medal match, Bouzek lost to Zbignijev Krasoski of Poland, 2-9.

Three other U.S. wrestlers competed on Saturday, with none in the medal rounds.

The Veterans World Championships conclude on Sunday with two Greco-Roman age division, Div. A and Div. G.

At Sarajevo, Bosnia

Greco-Roman champions

Div. C
58 kg – Igor Chuev (Russia)
63 kg – Masiev Said magomed (Russia)
69 kg – Emil Budinov (Bulgaria)
76 kg – Alexandr Moskovskiy (Russia)
85 kg – Martin Dalsbotten (Norway)
97 kg – Aap Uspenski (Estonia)
120 kg – Omer Kastan (Turkey)

Div. D
58 kg – Ramil Rakhmangulov (Russia)
63 kg – Mykhaylo Nylpyuk (Ukraine)
69 kg – Andrey Savin (Russia)
76 kg – Soslan Adyrkhaeiv (Ukraine)
85 kg – Andrey Semanov (Russia)
97 kg – Milos Govedarica (Bosnia-Herzogovina)
130 kg – Abdulla Zabakov (Kazakhstan)

U.S. Greco-Roman performances on Saturday

Div. C

76 kg - Steve Horton, Ramstein AFB, Germany, 9th 
LOSS Bahram Seifkhani (Iran), 0-5

85 kg - Kevin Pine, Las Vegas, Nev., 8th
LOSS Sergey Orlov (Russia), 0-7

130 kg – P. Constandache, 6th
LOSS Anton Mayr (Germany), 0-7

Div. D

69 kg – Warner Bouzek, Fountain Inn, S.C., 5th
WIN Alexander Popov (Russia), pin  0:15
LOSS Andrey Savin (Russia), 0-9
LOSS Zbignijev Krasoski (Poland), 2-9