Jordan Burroughs Blog: My Journey to World Championship #3

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Jordan Burroughs (Team USA)

How about that trip in? To say that my journey to the World Championships in Budapest was filled with adversity is an understatement. Each year brings its own obstacles.

In 2011, I was a rookie, fresh out of college, with very little expectations from fans and media to do well. There was a poll in 2011, before the World Championships in Istanbul, Turkey, where a panel of writers from different media outlets chose their predictions for the upcoming competition. I believe there were 20 predictions. Of those 20, two chose me. That's right. Two. No hard feelings though, right?

In 2012, I was the favorite to win the Olympic Gold. I put an immense amount of pressure on myself to be the champion. I was nervous beyond belief. Those nerves affected my ability to perform at my highest level. Insert 2013. My newest bout with adversity. This is where the story gets tricky.

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