Official USA Wrestling sponsor, FORZA BY KEMP, unveils nutritional product line formulated for wrestlers

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Wrestling icon and nutrition guru Lee Kemp is pleased to announce that FORZA BY KEMP has launched a new line of products developed to support and enhance the nutritional needs of wrestlers and other high performance athletes .  These high quality, clean products are formulated to support performance, endurance, recovery and good health. 

Attention has been paid to the taste as well! When asked why taste was important, one of the few Americans to be both a National and International Wrestling Hall of Famer responded, “I’m a nutritional purist and I firmly believe that  paying close attention to my nutrition gave me a significant edge over my opponents. I believe nutritional products for athletes must provide natural, clean and unadulterated nutrients in a great tasting, easy to take presentation.   My new FORZA line of products adheres to my high standards for nutritional quality and also for great taste. It is important to me and vital to those valued customers that join the FORZA BY KEMP nutritional program  that they enjoy taking the supplements, and are consistent in their approach to proper nutrition.”  

Mr. Kemp adds, “FORZA BY KEMP wants to make a positive impact in the performance, health, and life of wrestlers through nutritional education aimed at incorporating the use of FORZA’s products as a component of a high-performance nutritional regime during their athletic careers”. 

The new FORZA BY KEMP product line currently includes 8 great ways to supplement a balanced diet and insure that wrestlers who exhaust the bodies in a quest to reach peak performance have the energy and stamina to surpass their competition.  The names of these products are: 

WHEY STRENGTH, (CHOCOLATE and VANILLA): Ultimate Muscle Building, Regenerating and Recovery Protein Formula 

NITRO FORCE, Supports Healthy Immune Function Providing Broad Spectrum Antioxidant

NUTRI POWER, Super Nutrient Meal Replacement and Whole Body Detoxification Formula

MULTI POWER PLUS, Broad Spectrum, Daily Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for optimum health 

PERFORMANCE EFAs, Reduces Inflammation, muscle and joint soreness and improves cognitive and circulatory function

GAMMA FORCE, Increases Lean Muscle Mass and Bone Density 

QUICKSORB ENERGY, Free Form Amino Acid Formula for Quick Energy 

POWER D3, Strengthens Immune System and aids in the reduction of pain and inflammation 

USA Wrestling will provide many opportunities for the wrestling community to become aware of the FORZA BY KEMP nutritional products.  FORZA’s aim is to equip wrestling clubs with our FORZA products so that the wrestlers can have access to the FORZA products at practice and develop the routine and relationship of purchasing their nutritional products at their club.

About Forza LLC

FORZA’s mission is to provide superior, preservative-free, 100% natural, physician-approved nutritional products formulated specifically to support and enhance the endurance, recovery and performance of combat sport athletes. Our products have been formulated especially to give a competitive edge by enabling you to take control of your health, transform and prepare your body for peak athletic performance, and maintain a lifestyle that is conducive to creating the best opportunity for success. Our evidence-based nutritional products empower athletes to reach their ultimate goal of peak performance, on demand. FORZA’s vision is to help athletes develop life-long healthy nutritional habits that will continue beyond their athletic careers.   

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