Wrestling is overwhelming winner in Inside the Games poll about which sport should be in Olympics

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Craig Sesker (USA Wrestling)

Wrestling has earned its first victory on arguably the biggest weekend in the sport’s long and storied history.

Wrestling was an overwhelming winner over baseball/softball and squash in an Inside the Games poll asking the public which sport they thought should be added to the International Olympic Committee program for 2020.

Wrestling received a whopping 55.6 percent of the votes in the poll, which closed on Friday night. Wrestling tallied an impressive 57,607 votes, which was more than the combined totals of baseball/softball and squash.

Baseball/softball received 27,003 votes for 26 percent of the total. Squash received 19,090 votes for 18.4 percent.

The IOC General Assembly is scheduled to vote on Sunday morning in Buenos Aires, Argentina on whether to add wrestling, baseball/softball or squash to the Olympic program for 2020 and 2024.

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Earlier this year, Inside the Games did a similar poll with the eight candidate sports prior to the IOC Executive Board vote for the shortlist of sports for the Olympic program. At that time, wrestling won the poll with 42.2% of the vote, and a total of 102,388 votes.