USA Wrestling opens discussions centered on Leadership and Policy Education Program for wrestlers

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USA Wrestling has entered into discussions centering on the development of a program aimed at empowering high school- and college-level wrestlers across the United States.

The international law firm of Patton Boggs LLP will develop an educational program in Washington, D.C., that will offer young wrestlers instruction and insight from the firm’s legal and policy specialists on the legislative and political process and how, by participating in the process, they can influence positive change within the United States and around the world. 

The discussions have also included Teague Moore, head wrestling coach at American University in Washington D.C. Coach Moore will work with USA Wrestling to develop wrestling training programs. These training programs will serve as a platform for instruction by Patton Boggs on leadership and public policy. 

Regarding the proposed program, Coach Moore offered: “American University Wrestling stands for academic and athletic excellence. We strive to teach and develop within our young people the values that will allow them to succeed both on and off the wrestling mats.  Understanding the value of academic excellence coupled with athletic commitment has proven to be a vital asset in the professional environment. A partnership with USA Wrestling and Patton Boggs will allow us to maximize the expertise of both the athletic and professional world. We are excited for this opportunity.”

The program will enable eligible high school and college students to train as wrestlers while gaining the critical insight needed to understand the legislative and political process in the nation’s capital.

“Patton Boggs welcomes the opportunity to further educate and empower these dedicated athletes and help them to improve their leadership skills both in the classroom and the wrestling room,” said Patton Boggs Partner Robert Brams.

Brams and Moore are also officers in the new Wrestling “Beat the Streets” program designed to help inner city youth in Washington D.C.

As international organizations with myriad relationships across the globe, USA Wrestling and Patton Boggs hope to extend this initial program in Washington to offer comparable opportunities to youth wrestlers around the world. 

For further information, please contact Robert Brams at or Teague Moore at

About USA Wrestling

USA Wrestling is the National Governing Body for the Sport of Wrestling in the United States and, as such, is its representative to the United States Olympic Committee and the International Wrestling Federation FILA. Simply, USA Wrestling is the central organization that coordinates amateur wrestling programs in the nation and works to create interest and participation in these programs. Its president is James Ravannack, and its Executive Director is Rich Bender.