World Championships preview in men's freestyle at 84 kg/185 lbs.

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Craig Sesker (USA Wrestling)

Date of competition: Tuesday, Sept. 17

This is another weight class where a number of new faces can make runs at the medal stand this year.

Georgia’s Dato Marsagishvili, an Olympic and World bronze medalist, is ranked No. 1 in the World in the latest FILA rankings in freestyle at 84 kg/185 lbs. He won the European Championships this year.

The World Championships are set for Sept. 16-22 in Budapest, Hungary.

Marsagishvili lost to rising American star Clayton Foster in the Stepan Sargsyan International finals in early August.

Foster, second to Keith Gavin at the U.S. World Team Trials, followed by defeating 2012 Olympic silver medalist Jaime Espinal of Puerto Rico the next weekend in Poland.

2011 World champion and 2012 Olympic gold medalist Sharif Sharifov of Azerbaijan has moved up to 96 kg/211.5 lbs. this season. He placed third at the Grand Prix of Spain this year at 96 kilos.

Russia’s Anzor Urishev is ranked No. 2 in the World, but Urishev lost to Shamil Kudiyamagomedov in the finals of the Russian Nationals this year. Kudiyamagomedov is ranked ninth in the World. He was second in the 2013 World University Games.

World University Games champion Gheorghita Stefan of Romania is ranked fifth in the World. Stefan placed fifth at the 2008 Olympics at 74 kg/163 lbs.

Veteran Ibragim Aldatov of Ukraine is another top wrestler to watch in this class. He was second in the 2011 World Championships. Aldatov is ranked No. 4 in the World and placed third at the Europeans this season.

Armenia’s Musa Murtazaliev is ranked third in the World after taking second at the 2013 Europeans.

Iran’s Meisam Mostafa Joukar is ranked seventh after winning the Takhti Cup in his home country this year.

Gavin, a past NCAA champion, is an experienced wrestler who has made the last four U.S. National Teams. This is his first Senior World Team. He is a past World University bronze medalist.

Gavin has the ability and potential to make some noise on the mats in Budapest.

84 kg/185 lbs. – 1. Dato Marsagishvili (Georgia); 2. Anzor Urishev (Russia); 3. Musa Murtazaliev (Armenia); 4. Ibragim Aldatov (Ukraine); 5. Stefan Gheorhita (Romania); 6. Hakki Ceylan (Turkey); 7. Meisam Mostafa Joukar (Iran); 8. Murad Gaidarov (Belarus); 9. Shamil Kudiyamagomedov (Russia); 10. Piotr Ianulov (Moldova); 11. Umidyon Ismanov (Uzbekistan); 12. Azlan Kakhidze (Kazakhstan); 13. Serder Boke (Turkey); 14. Jaime Espinal (Puerto Rico); 15. Aibek Usupov (Kyrgyzstan)


2012 Olympic Games
84 kg/185 lbs. – Gold – Sharif Sharifov (Azerbaijan); Silver – Jaime Espinal (Puerto Rico); Bronze – Dato Marsagishvili (Georgia); Bronze – Ehsan Lashgari (Iran); 5th – Soslan Gattsiev (Belarus); 5th – Ibrahim Bolukbasi (Turkey); 7th – Jake Herbert (USA); 8th – Anzor Urishev (Russia); 9th – Ibragim Aldatov (Ukraine); 10th – Armands Zvirbulis (Latvia)

2011 World Championships
84 kg/185 lbs. – Gold – Sharif Sharifov (Azerbaijan); Silver – Ibragim Aldatov (Ukraine); Bronze – Dato Marsagishvili (Georgia); Bronze – Albert Saritov (Russia); 5th – Armands Zvirbulis (Latvia); 5th – Cael Sanderson (USA); 7th – Alireza Goudarzi (Iran); 8th – Shinya Matsumoto (Japan); 9th – Alex Dolly (Ireland); 10th – Yermek Baiduashov (Kazakhstan)

2010 World Championships
84 kg/185 lbs. – Gold – Mihail Ganev (Bulgaria); Silver – Zaurbek Sokhiev (Uzbekistan); Bronze – Soslan Ktsoev (Russia); Bronze – Reineris Salas (Cuba); 5th – Piotr Ianulov (Moldova); 5th – Ibragim Aldatov (Ukraine); 7th – Maciej Balawender (Poland); 8th – Dato Marsagishvili (Georgia); 9th – Vadim Laliev (Armenia); 10th – Nauruz Temrezov (Azerbaijan)

2009 World Championships
84 kg/185 lbs. – Gold – Zaurbek Sokhiev (Uzbekistan); Silver – Jake Herbert (USA); Bronze – Ibragim Aldatov (Ukraine); Bronze – Sharif Sharipov (Azerbaijan); 5th – Jousop Abdulsalomov (Tajikistan); 5th – Abdusalam Gadisov (Russia); 7th – Gokhan Yavaser (Turkey); 8th – Reineris Salas (Cuba); 9th – Jaime Espinal Fajardo (Puerto Rico); 10th – Istvan Vereb (Hungary)

2008 Olympic Games
84 kg/185 lbs. – Gold – Revaz Mindorashvili (Georgia); Silver – Yusup Abdusalomov (Tajikistan); Bronze – Taras Danko (Ukraine); Bronze – Georgi Ketoev (Russia); 5th – Serhat Balci (Turkey); 5th – Davyd Bichinashvili (Germany); 7th – Nauruz Temrezov (Azerbaijan); 8th – Hartuyun Yenokyan (Armenia); 9th – Zaurbek Sokhiev (Uzbekistan); 10th – Reineris Salas (Cuba)

2007 World Championships
84 kg/185 lbs. – Gold - Georgi Ketoev (Russia); Silver - Yasup Abdusalamov (Tajikistan); Bronze - Zaurbek Sokhiev (Uzbekistan); Bronze - Reza Yazdani (Iran); 5th - Serhat Balci (Turkey); 5th - Joe Williams (USA); 7th - David Bichinashvili (Germany); 8th - Travis Cross (Canada); 9th - Lazaros Loizidis (Greece); 10th - Felix Polianidis (Cyprus)

2006 World Championships
84 kg/185 lbs. – Gold – Sajid Sajidov (Russia); Silver – Revazi Mindorashvili (Georgia); Bronze – Reza Yazdani (Iran); Bronze – Zaurbek Sokhiev (Uzbekistan); 5th – Taras Danko (Ukraine); 5th – Vadim Laliev (Armenia); 7th – Radoslaw Horbik (Poland); 8th – Dejan Bogdanov (Macedonia); 9th – David Bichinashvili (Germany); 10th – Shinya Matsumoto (Japan)

2005 World Championships
84 kg/185 lbs. – Gold - Revaz Mindorishvili (Georgia); Silver - Yoel Romero (Cuba); Bronze - Magomed Kurguliev (Kazakhstan); Bronze - Taras Danko (Ukraine); 5th - Sazhid Sazhidov (Russia); 5th - Radoslaw Horbik (Poland); 7th- Mo Lawal (USA); 8th - Thomas Buchell (Switzerland); 9th - Saslan Hattsyiev (Bulgaria); 10th - Matthew White (Puerto Rico)

2004 Olympic Games
84 kg/185 lbs. – Gold - Cael Sanderson (USA); Silver - Moon Eui Jae (Korea); Bronze - Sazhid Sazhidov (Russia); 4th - Yoel Romero (Cuba); 5th - Majid Khodaei (Iran); 6th - Lazaro Loizidis (Greece); 7th - Taras Danko (Ukraine); 8th - Shamil Aliev (Tajikistan); 9th - Nicolae Ghita (Romania); 10th - Hideakazu Yokoyama (Japan)