#TakeAStance during the IOC vote countdown and break 1000 photos

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Richard Immel (USA Wrestling)

Since Aug. 1 FILA in conjunction with USA Wrestling and CPOW have asked wrestling supporters to take pictures of themselves in a wrestling stance to show support for Olympic wrestling in an initiative called #TakeAStance. 

In less than one month since the initiative launched, USA Wrestling has received over 750 #TakeAStance photos from wrestling supporters around the world.

It is the goal of USA Wrestling and FILA to gather over 1,000 #TakeAStance photos before the International Olympic Committee votes on the fate of Olympic wrestling on Sept. 8. 

Labor Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to #TakeAStance for wrestling. USA Wrestling encourages everyone who wants to see wrestling remain in the Olympic Games to #TakeAStance during the holiday in a fun location with family and friends. 

If you are unable to take a #TakeAStance photo over Labor Day, please take time to #TakeAStance next week before the IOC vote. 

Supporters have sent in #TakeAStance photos from many domestic and international landmarks including the Roman Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Alamo, the United States Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, the Statue of Liberty, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace and the Lincoln Memorial. 

Celebrities who have taken a stance for wrestling include five-time NBA Champion Magic Johnson, two-time World Series Champion Johnny Damon, MMA figures Frank Shamrock, Greg Jackson, Carlos Condit, and Andrei Arlovski, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, Musicians Skrillex and the Court Yard Hounds, sprint car racer Steve Kinser and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

To submit a #TakeAStance photo on twitter simply use the hashtag #TakeAStance. Photos can be submitted on Facebook to the Keep Wrestling in the Olympics Facebook Page. Photos can also be emailed to takeastancewrestling@gmail.com.

To view every #TakeAStance photo submitted visit the #TakeAStance album on the Keep Wrestling in the Olympics Facebook Page.