Wrestling for the Next Millennium campaign gains momentum, as leadership team makes $3 1/2 million c

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Gary Abbott (USA Wrestling)

WRESTLING FOR THE NEXT MILLENNIUM CAMPAIGN GAINS MOMENTUM, AS LEADERSHIP TEAM MAKES $3 1/2 MILLION CHALLENGE; DAVID AND EMILY POTTRUCK COMMIT $1 MILLION    The Amateur Wrestling Alliance is pleased to announce that the "Wrestling of the Next Millennium" capital campaign has reached the $7 million fundraising level, with an additional challenge for matching funds that will provide the final $3 1/2 million for the campaign.    The Leadership Team for the campaign has stepped up and provided $3 1/2 million of matching funds as a challenge to the supporters of the sport to complete the campaign, which aims to raise $10 million.    These influential business leaders and respected citizens are making a personal commitment to support this historic campaign and lead the sport of wrestling into the next century.    "These leaders have made a strong commitment to help wrestling move forward in the next century and beyond," said Scott Beck of Tango, the Chairman of the Wrestling for the Next Millennium Campaign. "Their dedicated support of the campaign and personal investment in the future of wrestling will allow the sport of wrestling to thrive in the future."    Accerlerating this effort was a leadership gift by David and Emily Pottruck of San Francisco, Calif. of $1,000,000.00. David Pottruck is co-CEO of Charles Schwab Corporation.    "This sport is really moving and our commitment to this campaign reflects our belief that wrestling is great for America," said David Pottruck."Wrestling develops character, discipline, commitment and perseverence, which are great endowments for the future."    The leadership gifts for Wrestling for the Next Millennium includes the following:    PLATINUM - ($1 MILLION +)    Scott Beck, Boulder, Colo.    David and Emily Pottruck, San Francisco, Calif.    GOLD - ($500,000)    Jeff Levitetz, Palm Beach, Fla.    Ira Lubert, Moorestown, N.J.    Jim Ravannack, Kenner, La.    SILVER - ($250,000)    Nancy Schultz, Foster City, Calif.    Stan Zeamer, Lancaster, Pa.    BRONZE ($100,000)    John and Helen Vaughan, Lutz, Fla.    Philip Rauch, Long Island, N.Y.    Alan Meltzer, Washington, D.C.    Stan Dziedzic, Marietta, Ga.    USA Wrestling, Colorado Springs, Colo.    Maybee Foundation    This campaign has successfully brought together wrestling's past, present and future in a combined effort for the benefit of the entire sport.    The three most influential organizations within the sport of wrestling are working as a team on this project: USA Wrestling, the National Wrestling Coaches Association and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum.    As members of the newly created Amateur Wrestling Alliance, these organizations are conducting  a capital campaign designed to ensure that man's oldest sport thrives in the 21st century and beyond. Funds will help support America's best Olympic wrestlers, educate coaches,  attract newcomers to the sport, preserve and promote the history of wrestling, including strong youth programs.    For information on participating in the Wrestling for the Next Millennium campaign, contact USA Wrestling, 6155 Lehman Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, (800)999-8531.