U.S. results from the first day at the Veterans World Freestyle Championships in Freiberg, Germany,

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Gary Abbott (USA Wrestling)

A total of 31 wrestlers from the United States competed during the first day of action at the Ninth FILA Veterans World Freestyle Championships in Freiburg, Germany, August 4.    The competition features athletes 35 years old and above in five age divisions. 35 men will represent the U.S. in Germany. The tournament will include entries from nations all around the world. The tournament will last three days, and will conclude on Sunday, August 6.    Two of the four past Veterans World Champions on the U.S. team are unbeaten after the first day of action.    Five-time Veterans World Champion Russell Cozart of Brandon, Fla. won his first two matches at 152 lbs./69 kg in Div. C (46-50 years). He beat Jaszkai Imre of Hungary, 6-1 and won by technical fall over Valeri Mouraviev of Russia, 10-0. Cozart has claimed Veterans World titles in 1992, 1993, and 1997, 1998 and 1999.     Three-time Veterans World champion Shirzad Ahmadi of Coventry, Conn. split his two matches at 138 lbs./63 kg. in Div. D (51-55 years). He lost by technical fall to Khosrow Zamani of Iran, 12-2, then pinned Eredzheb Pashov of Bulgaria. Ahmadi captured Veterans World titles in 1992, 1997 and 1998.    Mansour Honarvar of Oceanside, Calif. had a 1-1 record at 152 lbs./69 kg in Div. E (56 years and older). He beat Iago Bertoni of Italy by technical fall, 12-0, then lost by technical fall to Iouri Tsatourian of Russia, 11-0. Honarvar was a Veterans World Champion in 1995.    Glenn Clark, an American who currently lives in Flatrock, Newfoundland,  was a 1998 Veterans World Champion. He won his first two matches at 187.25 lbs./85 kg in  Div. E (56 years and above), beating Alfred Kerner of Germany, 3-0 and pinning Ronald Capstick of Great Britain.    There are five age divisions at the 2000 World Championships: Div. A (35-40 years), Div. B (41-45 years), Div. C (46-50 years), Div. D (51-55 years) and Div. E (56 years and above). There are six weight classes within each division at the World Championships: 58 kg, 63 kg, 69 kg, 76 kg, 85 kg, and 130 kg. There is no prequalification required to participate in the Veterans World Championships.     The U.S. Veterans World Team is led and coached by 1992 Olympic Freestyle Champion Kevin Jackson of Colorado Springs, Colo. Jackson was the 1991 and 1995 Senior World Champion and claimed World Cup victories in 1993, 1995 and 1997. He works as USA Wrestling's Resident Freestyle Coach.      A webpage has been created with results of this tournament at    http://home.t-online.de/home/KlausArmbruster/9_fila_masters_world_championshi.htm    2000 VETERANS WORLD FREESTYLE CHAMPIONSHIPS  at Freiburg, Germany, Aug. 4    U.S. results from Friday, August 4    Div. A (35-40 years)    127.75 lbs./58 kg - Michael Dehart,Bradford, Ohio - lost pin to Harald Widmann (Germany)    138.75 lbs./63 kg - Ronald Hughes, San Jose, Calif. - lost dec. to Gholamabras Kiyanpor (Iran), 8-1; pin Bruno Phillippe (France); pin James Wise (United States)    138.75 lbs./63 kg - Jamie Wise, Moses Lake, Wash.  - pin Bruno Phillippe (France); lost dec. to Gholamabras Kiyanpor (Iran), 5-1; lost pin to Ronald Hughes (USA)    167.5 lbs./76 kg -  Bradley Swartz, Auburn, Wash. - pin Gadjimagomed Guisenov (Moldova)    167.5 lbs./76 kg  - Kevius Hodges, Loxahatchee, Fla. - lost dec. to Pieter Van Rensburg (South Africa), 4-0    167.5 lbs./76 kg  - Ken Wharry, Medford, Ore. -  lost pin to Pieter Van Rensburg (South Africa)    187.5 lbs./85 kg - Hank Porcher, Palm Beach, Fla. - lost pin to Alexander Derivolcov (Moldova); lost pin to Avandil Gogolishvili (Georgia)    213.75 lbs./97 kg -Daniel Chaid, San Jose. Calif. - pin Frank Dorn (Germany)    213.75 lbs./97 kg - Dale Porcher, Palm Beach, Fla. - lost dec. to Stoyan Minkov Minkov (Bulgaria), 3-0    286 lbs./130 kg - Jim Neilsen, Moses Lake, Wash. - pin Alexandru Ballai (Romania)    Div. B (41-45 years)    127.75 lbs./58 kg - George Dunn, Belleview, Wash. - lost by tech. fall to Fiodor Tucan (Moldova), 11-0    127.75 lbs./58 kg - John Henry Smithson, Ventura, Calif. - dec. Delfoco Francesca (Italy), 5-0    138.75 lbs./63 kg - Paul Hermann, York, Pa. - dec. Jorge-Juran Perez (Argentina), 5-1    167.5 lbs./76 kg -  Brad Brosius, Dover, Pa. - lost pin to Alexandre Vertokhvostov (Russia)    167.5 lbs./76 kg -  Bruce Moe, Hillboro, N.D. - dec. Ali Reza Hashasebikhrizi (Germany), 3-0; lost pin to Eberhart Probst (Germany)    187.5 lbs./85 kg - Michael Mitrowski, Shrewsbury, Mass. - lost dec. to Gilles Braun (France), 4-3; lost by tech. fall to Francois Rossouw (South Africa), 10-0    213.75 lbs./97 kg - Steve Goode, Brighton, Mass. - lost dec. to Totyu Valkanov (Bulgaria), 2-0; lost dec. to Rudiger Mohring (Germany), 5-0    213.75 lbs./97 kg - Jeffrey Henry, Santa Monica, Calif. - lost dec. to Reginald Holder (South Africa), 5-3; lost by technical fall to Petrus Vermaak (South Africa), 10-0    Div. C (46-50 years)     152.75 lbs./69 kg - Russell Cozart, Brandon, Fla. - dec. Jaszkai Imre (Hungary), 6-1; won by tech. fall over Valeri Mouraviev (Russia), 10-0    152.75 lbs./69 kg - Jim Lucas, Santa Cruz, Calif. - lost dec. to Cornel Cornea (Romania), 6-1; lost dec. to Leonard Borman (South Africa), 8-4    213.75 lbs./97 kg - Ron Cole, Auburn, Wash. - lost dec. to Rahim Abboie (Iran), 4-0; pin Drantisek Starinsk (Slovakia)    213.75 lbs./97 kg - Steve Contarino, Palmetto, Fla. - lost dec. to Michael Busse (Poland), 10-4; Lost pin to Dimitar Stankov Dimitrov (Bulgaria), 8-0; pin Roger Frasse (France)    Div. D (51-55 years)     127.75 lbs./58 kg - Dwain Burkholder, Woodland Park, Colo. - dec. Vladimir Kim (Russia), 13-11; dec. Mevlud Chhkaizde (Georgia), 8-2    138.75 lbs./63 kg - Shirzad Ahmadi, Coventry, Conn.  - lost by tech. fall to Khosrow Zamani (Iran), 12-2; pin Eredzheb Pashov (Bulgaria)    167.5 lbs./76 kg -  James Butcher - lost dec. to Johan Swierkot (Germany), 4-0; won by tech. fall over Joseph Ide (Belgium), 11-0    187.5 lbs./85 kg - Paul Stull, Lemoyne, Pa. - lost pin to Jean-Pierre Gury (France); lost dec. to Peter Pardonn (Germany), 8-0; lost pin to David McIntyre (Australia)    Div. E (56 years and above)    152 lbs./69 kg - Mansour Honarvar, Oceanside, Calif. - won by tech. fall over Iago Bertoni (Italy), 12-0; lost by tech. fall to Iouri Tsatourian (Russia), 11-0    167.5 lbs./76 kg -  Joe Seay, Perry, Okla. - dec. Ivan Kouzmitchev (Russia), 4-2; pin Gerhard Gerlach (Germany)    187.5 lbs./85 kg - Glenn Clark, Flatrock, Newfoundland (Canada) - dec. Alfred Kerner (Germany), 3-0; pin Ronald Capstick (Great Britain)    213.75 lbs./97 kg - David Battiste, Arvada, Colo. - lost dec. to Mousa Ramenzanishoub (Iran), 9-0; lost dec. to Jaromir Drizan (Czech. Rep), 6-0     213.75 lbs./97 kg - Roger Olesen, Redwood City, Calif. - lost pin to Heinz Eichenbaum (Germany); dec. Robert Zwigg (Switzerland), 6-0    Team leader/coach - Kevin Jackson, Colorado Springs, Colo.    EVENT SCHEDULE    The competition is being held at the Stadthalle Freiburg in Freiburg, Germany    Friday, August 4    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Elimination Round 1      4:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Elimination Round 2    7:30 PM - 8:30 PM - Opening Ceremonies    Saturday, August 5    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Elimination Round 3    4:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Elimination Round 4    Sunday, August 6    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Consolation Finals    4:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Semifinals and Finals followed by Victory Ceremony