Day Two Wrap-up Asics/Vaughn Junior National Freestyle Championships

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Gary Abbott (USA Wrestling)

98 - After three rounds, this weight class is still being sorted out. Those alive in Pool A include Robert Martinez of California, Ryan Broughman of Virginia, Jamie Thomas of Pennsylvania, Chad Haakenson of Colorado, Jared Evans of Minnesota, Brock Zollinger of Idaho, Joey Betterman of Illinois and Shane Carruthers of Oklahoma. Pool B features Willy Holst of Oklahoma, Sammy Vigil of Colorado, Sam Saunders of California, Josh Lindquist of Minnesota, Jordan Keckler of California and Jeff Davis of Oklahoma. Of this group, the only previous  Junior placewinners are Greco-Roman All-Americans Holst, Martinez, Zollinger and Vigil.     105.5 - Three rounds in, and many wrestlers are still in contention for medals. Alive in Pool A are Lief Gilsdorf of Ohio, Jermaine Jones of Pennsylvania, Anthony Rodriguez of California, Eric Stevenson of Oregon, Josh Rave of South Dakota, Robert Ariaza of Arizona, Mike Cassiliano of New Jersey, Troy Takahashi of Hawaii, Luke Metzler of Kansas, Robert Bastyr of Illinois and Cody Staton of Georgia. In Pool B, Nathan Kendjorsky of Ohio, Sam Gray of Vermont, Moses Ramos of Arizona, Cody Husher of Missouri, Stewart Bogart of Kansas, Jaime Lijo of New Jersey, Rich White of New York, Adam Moreno of Indiana and Mike Wilding of Idaho are still in the race. The returning freestyle All-Americans are Araiza, Kendjorsky, White and Gilsdorf.    114.5 - After six rounds, the race in each pool has tightened. Pool A includes Shawn Bunch of Kansas, Daniel Polkowske of Colorado, Ethan Kyle of Missouri, Travis Lee of Hawaii, Nick Simmons of Michigan and Luke Smith of Wisconsin. Pool B features Nate Gallick of Arizona, Darrell Vasquez of California, Mark Moos of Ohio, Todd Meneely of Nebraska, Leo Bugaj of Oklahoma, Trevor Carbonneau of Kansas and Josh Hooker of Oklahoma. Bugaj and Simmons are returning National champions.  .   123 -This weight has gone six rounds and the race is still wide open. Pool A features Brandon Lauer of Maryland, Chris Fleeger of Pennsylvania, Jimmy Lewis of Oklahoma, Tom Vargas of California, Chris Rodrigues of Georgia, Dustin Rock of Utah and Tom Clum of Colorado. Pool B includes Clint Woolfley of Idaho, Trent Goodale of Iowa, Matt Keller of Tennessee, Jason Borrelli of Michigan, Johnny Cortez of Oklahoma, Dustin Brewer of Missouri, Rocky Anderson of Pennsylvania, Efrem Ceballos of California and Cory Cooperman of New Jersey. Rodrigues, a returning champion, had a 3-2 overtime win over Lewis in an exciting sixth round match. Other returning All-Americans still alive include Lauer and Anderson.    132 - After seven rounds, this weight is down to the elite. In Pool A, those still alive includeDoug McGraw of Pennsylvania, Ben Cherrington of Colorado, Teyon Ware of Oklahoma, Mike Simpson of California and Mark DiSalvo of Ohio. In Pool B, those left standing are Mark Jayne of Ohio, Chris Harris of Nevada, Andy Simmons of Michigan, Paul Collum of Illinois and Nathan Gulosh of Ohio. Jayne and Simmons are returning freestyle All-Americans.    143 - This weight has also gone seven rounds, with numerous stars still in the race. In Pool A, those remaining are Jesse Jantzen of New York, Nathan Yetzer of Ohio, Joey Bracumonte of New Mexico, Marcus Levesseur of Minnesota, Josh Lamano of Utah and Eric Keith of Indiana. In Pool B, the athletes in the field now include Zachary Esposito of New Jersey, John Masa of New York, Israel Martinez of Illinois, Tommy Rohn of Pennsylvania, David Bolyard of Ohio and Doug Withstandley of New Jersey. Four are returning freestyle All-Americans: Jantzen, Levesseur, Martinez and Bolyard.    154 - After seven rounds, those left in Pool A are Troy Letters of Pennsylvania, Chris Stith of Virginia. Johnny Hendricks of Oklahoma, Brent Ryder of New York, Kenneth Cook of California and Tim Springs of Illinois. In Pool B, those remaining are Mike Rio of Florida, Brad Anderson of Michigan, Derek Zinck of Pennsylvania, Nate Baker of Minnesota, Rocky Mantella of Pennsylvania and Ryan Bertin of Ohio.   The two returning freestyle All-Americans are left in the field, Baker and Letters.    165 - After six rounds, Pool A features Eric Havan of South Dakota, Scott Roth of Ohio, Mitch Hancock of Michigan, Tyron Woodley of Missouri, James Woodall of Pennsylvania and Mike Kratz of Wisconsin. Those left in Pool B are Chris Lopez of California, Zachariah Doll of Pennsylvania, Josh McLay of Minnesota, Wes Roberts of Oklahoma, Luke Larwin of Oregon and J.J. Holmes of Texas. Roberts, Woodall and Doll are returning freestyle All-Americans. McLay is a two-time Greco-Roman Junior National champion.    178 - After six rounds, Pool A is down to Pete Friedl of Illinois, Ryan Halsey of California, Lee Kraemer of Wisconsin, Jeff Clemens of Ohio, Nick Zajac of Minnesota, Tommy Evans of Oklahoma and Tyler Bajer of Wisconsin. Pool B features Jake Rosholt of Idaho, George Kirgan of Illinois, Brady Reinke of Wisconsin, Ed Jones of Montana, Travis Pascoe of Washington, Drew Hageman of Oregon and Ryan Bader of Nevada. The only returning freestyle All-American left alive is Pascoe.    191.5 -  Six rounds of action left Pool A with Paul Velekei of Pennsylvania, Scott Barker of Missouri, Chris Skretkowicz of New Jersey, Trey Clark of Iowa, K.C. Walsh of Washington and Quint Swanberg of Arizona. Pool B features Alex Lammers of Ohio, Kurt Backes of New Jersey, Justin Millard of Pennsylvania, Matt Madden of Oklahoma and Andy Boelhoeffer of Iowa. Swanberg, Madden and Skretkowicz are returning All-Americans.    220 -  After six rounds, this field is greatly reduced. In Pool A, Jamie Rakevich of Washington, Mike Faust of Maryland, David Tyner of Oklahoma, Jim Kassner of Illinois and Marcio Bothelho of California are in the hunt. In Pool B, jut four wrestlers are left: Mike Little of Oklahoma, Matt Weight of Illinois, Chris Bietz of South Dakota and Jordan Everett of California. Bothelo, Tyner and Little are returning freestyle All-Americans. Faust is the 2000 Greco-Roman champion.     275 - This weight is loaded with talent, after six rounds. Pool A features Dan Howe of California, Devin Kraege of Wisconsin, Neil Phillips of Oklahoma, Steven Mocco of New Jersey, Cain Velasquez of Arizona and Brant Glover of Georgia. Pool B has just four remaining: Chris Knapp of New Jersey, Joe Hennis of Florida, Matt Hasbrook of Indiana and Nick Lafear of Michigan. Returning Junior National champion Stephen Mocco of New Jersey has four pins and two technical falls. The only other returning freestyle All-American left standing is Howe.